a beautiful wanna-be gypsy girl, time to move again

June 16, 2021 — Off once again! It’s time once again, time to go off to another place. This feels quite familiar to me now. The feeling of heading off once again, on another adventure. My grey backpack on my back, it quite light, I have some clothes, a laptop and a few other necessiities. I’m on the train, and I feel free, I don’t have to be anywhere, I don’t have the burden of anyone holding me back, I am alone, doing as I wish. I spend the morning with some girl I met at the Hostel where I was working, she has lots of energy, she’s running around and spinning, her petite body wrapped in gypsy clothes her tan face full of character. I like her, her personality is quite quirky, I like quirky.

We grab a coffee and head over to the park and chat a bit while we lay on the grass. The day is not too hot, it quite cloudy, but we’re comfortable. She’s telling me a bit about her troubles and how’s she’s having a hard time deciding whether to go back to the UK or whether to stay in Portugal, I heard this type of talk before, I try to advice her as best as I can. But I like her, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s her sexy little figure, maybe I like the way she talks, and the way she expresses her ideas. I touch her her and there, I learned that this is the way to show a woman you like her is to touch her — HHAAAAAA! That’s realy obvious no? But she seems to like the touches — it’s hard for her to open up, I see she has some barriers, but I take it slow. We spend the next hour or so together before I have to depart. She gives me a hug, says we’ll stay in touch and she’s off. As she walks off her hat flys off, she looks back giggles nervously and she’s off again. I order an Uber and wait. I wonder about her, I wonder what she meant by saying “we’ll be in touch!”, does she even like me? Did I do something wrong? Oh how immature my mind is still… I stop it from chattering so much and let that shit go, ‘it’s alright little mind, don’t think about that now.’ I say to myself.

The Uber pulls up, it’s an old man, he has sweet eyes. I get in and we travers through the Lisbon roads, so narrow, with small square stones that cover the streets, the streets are real bumpy, but I get comfortable and ask him a question about the weather. He doesn’t speak English so it’s difficult to continue the conversation, but it’s okay, he keep on doing what he’s suppose to do, his old wrinkly hands on the wheel, his eyes on the road ahead, and I? I stare at the passing people, the passing building. Pink, blue, green, color colors colors, ‘it’s beautiful here’ I think to myself, ‘I will come back here one day’. But now I must go, I’m heading to Warsaw to meet with a “friend”, that’s all I can say actually, “a friend”, but I will tell you more after our little adventure.

I worked for this life, I worked smart, maybe a bit hard,, but mostly smart. I work online as a graphic designer, I have a client, he pays me real well. I don’t know if I need to find another one, but I think I will, I like money, money is freedom. Me and the girl spoke about money, she said “money doesn’t make you happy”, but she didn’t know what she was talking about — money made her happy forsure, but she just doesn’t know it yet because she’s a Gypsy, or she just acts like one.

I used to be a “gypsy” once, I used to live in a van for fuck’s sake. I brushed my teeth by the water fountain, I got looks, people would pass by and stare. I wonder what they were thinking when they saw me. Maybe things like “such a shame!” “what is he doing with his life”, “poor boy, he must be real dumb”, but I didn’t really know what they were thinking., I m just making assumptions. But no one ever helped, most people were too occupied with themselves, in their own bullshit, pretending like they were living such a good life, pretending like they had no time to give me a helping hand, or even a bit of advice. I bet in the old days people would help one another if they saw a homeless man they’re ask whats wrong, how they could help, if you needed a bit of food or something! But nowadays it ain’t like that, people are too occupied on their phones. We’ve lost ourselves, ohh waittt….I’ve lost myself, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, freedom, travel and my life. So yeah, I got the freedom that I worked for, it finally arrived. But I think I’ll stop here, let’s continue another time. Talk soon.

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